Enrich your Grandparenting Skills with our Evidence-based Newborn Care Program

At It’s Grand! we provide a specialized grandparent training program that combines Change Management methodology with professional health care facilitation to provide practical guidance and support for navigating newborn care and safety.

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Your support is irreplaceable

There is no Greater Joy or Privilege than Being a Grandparent

Parents and grandparents undoubtedly value the importance of building strong relationships within the family, and welcoming a new baby is a perfect opportunity for this. Our program recognizes this need and goes beyond simply equipping grandparents with the updated knowledge and skills for newborn care and safety. We understand that involving grandparents in the caregiving process creates an environment where meaningful connections and stronger relationships can flourish.

Through our specialized training program, grandparents gain a deeper understanding of the latest techniques and expert insights, allowing them to contribute to the care of their grandchild actively and support the new parents as needed.

By contributing to the newborn’s care, parents and grandparents can bond over shared experiences, exchange wisdom, and create lasting memories together. The joy of watching a grandparent lovingly cradle their grandchild and the heartfelt conversations had while soothing a crying baby all contribute to the relationships and a sense of unity within the family.

JOIN US! Our program provides the foundation for excellent care for the newborn and creates an environment where parents and grandparents can grow closer and appreciate each other’s contributions. Together, navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood, knowing that the support, knowledge, and love of each other will be there.

A unique Approach to

Grandparent Training

It’s Grand! offers an in-person training environment that includes professionals educating in their areas of expertise, hands on demonstration and practice, and an opportunity for new and future grandparents to empathize with and support each other. A differentiated learning approach will improve retention and transfer of knowledge, resulting in greater confidence and change acceptance for the grandparent.

Utilize retention learning approach
  • Learn About
  • Practice
  • Observe
  • Get Feedback
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Training Topics

Get Refreshed and Embrace Change

Attendees will Get Refreshed on topics that haven’t changed much and Embrace Change on topics with significant process enhancements.

Refresher Topics
  • Swaddling
  • Diapering
  • Bath Time
  • Skin Care
  • Feeding – Support for Mom
Change Topics
  • ABCs of Safe Sleep
  • Baby’s Room Environment
  • Sleep Sacks – Benefits and Transition
  • Tummy Time
  • Feeding – Next Steps
  • Car Seat Safety
Meet the team

We’re Here for You

Our expert team of certified trainers and healthcare professionals are committed to providing personalized guidance on the advances in medicine, new research findings and evolving safety standards and meaningful ways to support the new parents.

The Its Grand Team
Meet Barb –

Baby boomer of the team and change management guru. She’s enthusiastic about and experienced in training others on new processes. Hearing about all the changes in newborn care and safety and looking for a purposeful outlet, she built on her vision and It’s Grand! was born.

Meet Megan –

A pediatric and home health nurse whose clients often refer to as the “baby whisperer”. She’s passionate about making life easier for new parents and grandparents and impacts their journeys through her vast knowledge and empathetic approach. When she’s not snuggling all the babes and sharing her expertise in grandparent class, she can be found exploring playgrounds, hiking, and trying new restaurants with her husband and two sweet daughters. 

Meet Maureen –

A postpartum doula, and built-in support system. She’s the invaluable presence that helps new parents adjust to their brand-new world. Her calmness, innate feelings and attention to detail are realized in the home and classroom. When she’s not supporting families and training new grandparents, she’ll be trying different adventures around the city and traveling to new places with her wonderful three kiddos and husband.

Meet Ashley –

The lactation consultant who’s bringing “boob talk” to the baby boomers. When she’s not busy refreshing grandparents on the art of feeding babies, you can find her working as a speech therapist and chasing after her three kids and loving husband. If you’re looking for someone to help educate you on and navigate the world of bottles, nipples, and latching, she’s your girl!

Start the Journey – Enroll Now!

Our two-hour hands-on class is designed with proven change management techniques that will enable the following outcomes:

  • Stronger communication between the new parent and grandparent
  • A deeper trust from the new parent
  • Greater confidence and a quicker change acceptance rate for the grandparent
  • Realized results for all – most importantly, the health and well-being of the newborn
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